What People Are Saying

"Have you ever wondered why you make the impression you do? In Compelling People, John Neffinger and Matthew Kohut marshal a wide-range of evidence from psychology to demonstrate that everything you do projects your strength and warmth to others. Not only does this book tell you why people react to you as they do, it also provides specific suggestions for managing your image. This book is a must-read for all leaders who want to maximize their influence on others."
Art Markman, PhD.
Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas, Author of Smart Thinking and Habits of Leadership
"Human psychology is endlessly fascinating, and never more so than in this book. It is both serious and engaging. Kohut and Neffinger will help you to lead — and succeed — in everything from public speaking to love. This is a wonderful read."
Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard University and author of The Powers to Lead
"Thanks to John Neffinger and Matthew Kohut, I now have a much greater understanding of how to better influence and connect with all the people I encounter every day. After reading this wonderful book, I found myself standing and sitting straighter, holding my hands differently, and following its many other sure-fire tips for how to project strength and warmth. Compelling People is a fascinating, beguiling read with the potential to change your life."
Lynne Olson
Author of Those Angry Days and Citizens of London