What Do We Mean By Warmth?

We look for warmth in every person we meet. From the moment we lay eyes on a stranger, we search for signs of friend or foe. But warmth is about far more than first impressions. It’s the critical lubricant for our social interactions that makes cooperation and trust possible. So what is it? Warmth is […]

Patti Smith on Stage Fright

Almost everybody struggles with nerves and anxiety when facing high-stakes moments, whether it’s delivering a toast at a wedding, pitching a new idea to a potential backer, or interviewing for a job. This piece by Patti Smith about her bout of stage fright while singing at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm is an honest […]

How do you convey strength and warmth through social media?

When we started thinking in depth about strength and warmth several years ago, one of the new horizons at the time was figuring out how people project these qualities work through social media. This collaboration with our friends at M+R Strategic Services took the conversation to a new level. We’d love to hear your thoughts […]

Harvard Business School Case Study about Our Coaching Methods

Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy discussed our firm’s coaching methods in this talk on January 20, 2016 about some of the concepts covered in her book Presence.  Amy first wrote about KNP in her 2010 business school case study “Congressional Candidate Dan Silver and KNP Communications,” and we have been honored to serve as […]

The Story of Strength + Warmth: A TEDx Talk

How do we judge each other’s character? The two fundamental qualities that shape our judgments of others are strength and warmth.That’s the central idea that we explored in depth in Compelling People. Now Matt Kohut has summed up the big idea in a TEDx talk delivered in November 2015. Check it out!  

How do artists interpret strength and warmth?

What’s the difference between inside-out and outside-in?

Marketplace Morning Report: Why It’s So Difficult to Break the Glass Ceiling

Matt spoke with Marketplace Morning Report about the double standards faced by women and minority leaders if they focus on increasing workplace diversity. This Marketplace story was in response to a new study from the University of Colorado that found evidence of this.

Fast Company: The Hidden Qualities and Tiny Tricks that Make Someone an Influential Leader

Fast Company ran a nice piece that captured several of the practical tips from Compelling People.

John Neffinger on KERA’s THINK

Check out this extended interview with John on KERA’s program THINK.