Marketplace Morning Report: Why It’s So Difficult to Break the Glass Ceiling

Matt spoke with Marketplace Morning Report about the double standards faced by women and minority leaders if they focus on increasing workplace diversity. This Marketplace story was in response to a new study from the University of Colorado that found evidence of this.

Fast Company: The Hidden Qualities and Tiny Tricks that Make Someone an Influential Leader

Fast Company ran a nice piece that captured several of the practical tips from Compelling People.

John Neffinger on KERA’s THINK

Check out this extended interview with John on KERA’s program THINK.

What Do People Really Think of You?

To celebrate the release of the paperback version of Compelling People in the US and our debut in the UK, we boiled the big idea down to something you can read in three minutes.

A Mad Man’s Finest Hour: A Master Class in “Connect, Then Lead”

The final season of Mad Men is upon us, so in that spirit here’s a lesson in the art of persuasion from the master Mad Man himself. If you’ve read Compelling People already or have heard our rap about getting in the circle with your audience, this is what it means.

12 Books is Featuring Compelling People in April

We’re happy that Compelling People is 12 Books’s selection for April. 12 Books is an author-led business book group. We’ll be participating in a discussion with 12 Group members at the end of the month. You can also join the 12books group on

brainpickings: What Makes People Compelling

Maria Popova wrote an outstanding short summary of the key ideas in Compelling People.

Politini: John Neffinger and Matthew Kohut Talk to Two Compelling People

We had the rare pleasure of doing a joint radio interview on Politini, a show hosted by Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills. These women know a whole lot about being compelling.

Will Hillary Clinton Eat Us All? A New York Times Exclusive

The New York Times staff will tell you this week’s Sunday Times Magazine cover illustration depicts Hillary Clinton as a planet to symbolize her enormous political influence. What they won’t tell you, because they apparently don’t realize it, is that it depicts her as an extraterrestrial monster, a hairless, swollen head lurking in the inky […]

Alicia Menendez Tonight: John Neffinger and Rachel Sklar

Alicia Menendez interviewed John and The co-founder Rachel Sklar on the importance of attractiveness for CEOs.